Linden Hills Neighborhood Council Awards Grant to Theatre

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC) has awarded a $1000 Spring Grant to the SWHS Theatre program for its proposal "Black Boxes for the Black Box" written by volunteer Julie Kendrick, parent of senior Mary Fiala.  The award will be used to purchase much needed stage boxes for the Black Box theatre which is currently under construction, to be re-opened in the fall of 2016. 

"Black Boxes for the Black Box"

Theatre Director Margaret Berg identified a need for lightweight, durable and interconnecting boxes that can be used in countless ways during performances at Southwest. They are also portable to allow for use in out-of-school community performances.  The current stage boxes were made by parent volunteers out of wood which are heavy and cumbersome. The new boxes are produced by Wenger Corp, a Minnesota company, and will hold up to heavy use for many years.

Julie Durand, Chair of the Friends of Southwest Theatre, presented the grant to LHiNC on April 5, where it was unanimously approved. "It was a kick to have such a positive reaction from the board- I was so proud to represent the performing arts at SWHS!" 

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